Welcome to Peromysca.

It’s the home of all your favorite Disney characters…run through two filters, the first being D&D 3.5 rules and the second being me. In this world, you’ll get to see some of your favorite places, work with some of your favorite characters and fight some of the most notorious villains. But Peromysca doesn’t run on Disney ethics. This is my campaign, and as some of you know, I prefer a world where nothing is as it seems. Some of your familiar characters may have changed slightly, become more well-rounded, or even changed appearance, race or gender. But that’s the fun of it—you get to figure out just which plot we’re playing through, figure out just WHO the mysterious stranger helping you is. In the Fabled Lands, the stories are just as epic. But the realities are much more sinister…

Fabled Lands

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