Races and Classes


There are four playable races, and they are as follows:

a. Anthropomorphic Animals
Anthropomorphic Animals (or just Animals in Peromysca) are some of the oldest beings in the world, able to walk on two legs, blessed with opposable thumbs and graced with human intelligence. Mythology states, in fact, that the first sentient creatures were Animals. Still, with the rise of humanity, it is increasingly common that Animals are being persecuted, persecuted to the point of near-extinction. Therefore, playing an Animal will put you at the status of second-class. After all, nobody wants to take orders from their DOG. Playing an Animal will grant you racial abilities that animal might normally have, but it comes at a cost: a level adjustment. When everyone else levels up, you’ll have to stay behind because you’re so powerful.
The following twelve animals will be easiest to work with, as they have no level adjustment:
Ape, Bat, Camel, Horse, Lizard, Monkey, Mule, Rat, Raven, Viper, Toad, Weasel

b. Dwarves
Dwarves, like Animals, are second-class citizens in Peromysca. They are renowned craftsmen and miners, but their value is little-seen beyond this capacity. Dwarves have an affinity for the earth and once held a great empire in the Underways (the caverns beneath the surface) but this was laid to ruin by the goblins centuries ago, and now only memory remains.

c. Goblins
Goblins are a menace to society in Peromysca, barbaric ravagers that destroyed the dwarven empires and worship dark old gods that promise destruction and despair. But it is not uncommon for a goblin to go rogue and forsake her atrocious ancestry. Reformed goblins are often shunned in the civilized world, ostracized or even worse, but they present a resilient spirit, tough outlook and a bunch of great roleplaying opportunities.

d. Humans
The dominant race of Peromysca, humans run most of the world, and they’ll be the majority of the folks you’ll run into. Play a human if you want to be more of an everyman.


The eleven classes (jobs you can have as an adventurer) are as follows, with some Disney examples to boot:

Barbarian—a fierce warrior who uses her own rage to engage foes in combat. Merida and Shan Yu are barbarians.

Bard—a persuader, storyteller and musician who uses the power of art to make others do what she wants. Most of the Disney Princesses, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Ariel would fall into this class, but two great examples would be Esmeralda and Prince Naveen.

Cleric—a priest who can invoke the divine power of the Gods through her fervent prayers. The only great example of a cleric would be the Cardinal from “Hunchback.”

Druid—a person so in-tune with nature that they can use its gifts to heal their allies and attack their foes. Pocahontas and Kenai would be great examples of druids.

Fighter—a warrior who relies on skill, discipline (and strength) to win a battle. Helga Sinclair, John Smith, and Maximus the horse are all fighters.

Monk—a warrior who channels ki inside herself and fights unarmed. Disney doesn’t particularly have a great example of this, so just think of any martial artist.

Paladin—a person of pure heart and good intention who holds up the standard of truth and justice. This class combines features of clerics and fighters. A good example set of a paladin would be Prince Charming, Tiana, and Alice.

Ranger—a tracker, woodsman, and hunter extraordinaire. This is the essential Robin Hood or Mowgli character.

Rogue—a thief, spy, etc. Flynn Rider and Aladdin are excellent examples.

Sorcerer—a spellcaster who channels magic through her heart. A sorcerer can cast fewer spells than wizards but can acquire them quickly and cast them more often. Elsa is an excellent example of a sorcerer.

Wizard—a spellcaster who channels magic through her brain. A wizard has access to every spell in the game but must find spells herself as opposed to learning them upon leveling up. Merlin and the Fairy Godmother are examples of wizards.

Races and Classes

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